The BAROnova TransPyloric Shuttle* (TPS®) is a device that is inserted into the stomach through the mouth using a simple endoscopic procedure. Once in place, the TransPyloric Shuttle may cause a patient’s stomach to fill up faster, stay full longer, and potentially delay gastric emptying, which is a known mechanism of action for weight loss.1 The following animation portrays how the TPS is placed in a patient, how it works once in place, and how it is removed at the end of the treatment period.


*The BAROnova TransPyloric Shuttle is not available for sale within the United States or internationally. The TransPyloric Shuttle device and methods of use are covered by various US and foreign patents.



1Clarkton WK; Pantano MM; Morley JE; Horowitz M; Littlefield JM; Burton FR. Evidence for the anorexia of aging; gastroinestinal transit and hunger in healthy elderly vs. young adults. American Journal of Physiology. January 1997; 272(1 Pt 2):R243-8.